The Swarna Safar Foundation established on 28th April 2023, express our happiness for declaration to start an old age home. We contribute of 2 people namely Prabha Mangla and Rupesh Agrawal joined together with a motive to motivate the elderly people to live their golden journey actively with self respect.

We would like people to realise that age is just a number. If they can dream it they can do it. It just depends on ones mindset and how positively they can change the new age that they have entered into.

Its nothing called as "I cant do it at this age".

Otherwise, At 60 Lata Kare from Maharashtra would not had ran her first marathon to win money to cover her husband’s medical expenses, and won and at 73 Dr. Balbir Singh Bhaura and his 65-year-old wife Dr Pushpinder Kaur would not have jumped from a height of 15,000 feet from an aircraft and experienced a free fall for about 40 seconds (around 10,000 feet)or Kokila Parekh would have not started a chai masala business at the age of 79.

And the list goes on...

This Foundation main Aims and objects are to encourage and motivate the old aged people whose welfare and maintenance are not being looked after by their kids upon whom the burden of maintenance lies.

We have come forward to get such persons who think that their lives have become pathetic and miserable to invite them into this old age home with expecting them to stand on their feet again and become financially independent to help themselves and their welfare such as food, shelter & clothing.

In this golden journey of ageing we will undertake to attend to their ailments and get them treated. Their nearest persons and relatives will also be allowed to visit this home and to find out their welfare. This home will be rendering the services whole heartedly and without any profit motive and exclusively service oriented only.